1 Questions about the Emsworth Community Land Trust (ECLT)
2 Questions about the Emsworth Cottage Hospital site
3 Questions about the Emsworth Cottage Hospital Site and the Doctors’ Surgery
4 Questions about #Emsworth United


Questions about the Emsworth Community Land Trust (ECLT)

Q Who runs the Emsworth Community Land Trust? (ECLT)

A The volunteer founders of Emsworth Community Land Trust are the first four Directors. Since that time in early 2018 these Directors have appointed two more who have been involved from the start. At the first Annual General Meeting of members these appointments will be approved and there will be the opportunity to formally elect new Directors.  All members will be welcome at the meeting which will be publicised.

Q Where does the initial finance come from?

A The ECLT started with no money.  Start-up grants were received from the Emsworth Residents Association and from the Community Land Trust Network.  Emsworth CLT is now applying for a significant grant from the Government’s Community Housing Fund administered by Havant Borough Council.

Q How does the ECLT finance a site for building affordable homes?

A Once there is a site of interest for the ECLT the Directors will select a partnership organisation like a Housing Association (Registered Provider).  The Housing Association will raise money for building affordable homes.  The CLT will always aim to retain the freehold of sites. Many Community Land Trusts across the country work in this way.

Q If a Housing Association in partnership with the Emsworth Community Land Trust builds affordable homes on the hospital site at any time, would those homes be protected from right to buy?

A Yes.  They would be designated to be for the benefit of the community in perpetuity.

Q There has been a lot of focus on the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site, is that the only site the land Trust is interested in?

A No.  The ECLT is currently looking at a number of local sites.

Q Will you apply to the National Lottery for funding to buy the Hospital site?

A The ECLT will consider as many funding streams as possible.

Q  I paid a pound at the public meeting in August.  Does that make me a member of Emsworth Community Land Trust?

A Yes.  It makes you a shareholder.  Everyone who owns at least one £1 share has one vote at a General Meeting. Share Certificates will be issued to members mainly by email or hand delivery to save money.

Questions about the Emsworth Cottage Hospital site

Q Wasn't the money for EVCH raised by the people of Emsworth originally - so why can't EVCH remain for the benefit of the community?

A Correct, the Emsworth Museum has documents showing that the money for the original hospital built in the late 1900s was raised by Emsworth people.  Since then the NHS was set up and took over almost all hospitals in 1948 by an Act of Parliament. The Deeds of the Emsworth hospital record the original owners of the land, then the NHS. There is nothing in the deeds that protects the site as a hospital for ever. Nevertheless, the Public meeting in August 2018 showed the strength of feeling that strongly agreed that the Hospital site should remain for the benefit of the local community.

Q What is current state of repair of the basic structure of the building? How long before any significant expenditure needed bearing in mind any interior work?

A This is unknown currently.  No one has been allowed in to see the building in recent times.  The building has been seriously vandalised in the last few years. Even when the iste was briefly for sale, no access to the building was allowed.

Q What will any building on the hospital site look like? Will it be converted or a new build? Will the facade be kept?

A It is impossible to answer this question until surveyors are allowed in to the building to assess the state of it.  Currently they are not allowed in. Watch this space in case things change.

Q There is such limited parking by EVCH so where else can people go? Need more provision for disabled spaces.

A Parking is never easy in town centres.  There are a small number of parking spaces on the Hospital site now and next door is a public car park with space for the disabled. Across the road is a very large car park.

Q Did the 'for sale' sign on the Hospital cover the garden too? What's happening to that? 

A No the garden adjacent to the hospital is owned by the Friends of Emsworth Community Health. It is up to the Friends what happens with the garden.

Questions about the Emsworth Cottage Hospital Site and the Doctors’ Surgery

Q How will EVCH site be paid for?

A If the surgery decides that the Hospital site is suitable for their purposes, their business plan will cover that question. 

Q What happens to the money generated from the sale of the present surgery? Who owns it?

A This in the hands of the surgery.  We believe the current surgery is owned by the Doctors.

Questions about #Emsworth United

Q What is #Emsworth United – how did it start up?

A The ‘for sale’ signs went up on the Cottage Hospital site on July 25 2018 which triggered widespread concern throughout the community.  A meeting was called with representatives of many of the key groups in Emsworth so that, by working together, an effective campaign could be launched to prevent the sudden sale of this site by NHS Property Company.

Q Which Emsworth Organisations worked on the #Emsworth United campaign? 

A  A number of people representing many Emsworth community organisations came together for the #Emsworth United Campaign.  Organisations included:  Emsworth Residents Association, Emsworth Forum, Emsworth Community Association, Emsworth Health Action, Emsworth Community Land Trust and others.  Many more volunteers came forward to deliver fliers to 7,000 homes in Emsworth.  More people helped organise and run the public meeting on August 22. 

Q An online Crowdfunder page was launched by #Emsworth United – where did that money go?

A The Crowdfunding appeal raised £1250 which will pay for publicity materials and other costs accrued for the first public meeting of #Emsworth United (under £400 thanks to volunteer work).  The balance will be put towards anticipated costs for any future public meetings, expert legal advice and solicitors’ costs. Any surplus funds will go towards the Emsworth Community Land Trust’s work.