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6th November 2018
A second Doctors surgery survey from the NHS and feedback on the last one.
10th September 2018 New Community Land Trust continues to pressurise decision makers on the Emsworth Cottage Hospital site
17th August 2018 #Emsworth United – campaign meeting on August 22
27th July 2018 Emsworth United - Help save our Emsworth hospital site
20th July 2018 Will the NHS sell Emsworth short?

News Articles  
Creating Affordable Homes and Community Spaces (01-12-18)            Coastline
NHS reveals three options for the future of Emsworth Surgery  (23-11-18)

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NHS organise the local consultation on the future location of Emsworth Medical Practice(15-11-18)

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MP’s key players meeting will pave way for talks on Emsworth hospital’s future.(02-09-18)

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For sale signs removed at Emsworth former hospital after NHS U-turn

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We’ve won a vital battle – but the war still goes on

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Emsworth United campaign launched to save unused Victoria Cottage Hospital listed for sale by the NHS (08-07-18)

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Emsworth campaigners launch fund to buy former Victoria Cottage Hospital site 

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