Help save our hospital site – #EmsworthUnited  First Public Meeting
  August 22nd 2018

Help save our hospital site – First
Emsworth United's First Public Meeting

The first Meeting of #Emsworth United held at the Baptist Church on Wednesday 22nd August proved to be a huge success with an estimated 400+ residents in attendance (representing nearly 10% of households in the town) together with local organisations and Borough councillors.

Chaired and introduced by Stephanie Elsy (Chair of the Emsworth Forum) the following representatives gave a summary of the current and changing position:

Emsworth United's First Public Meeting
  • Dwynwen Stepien  (Emsworth Community Land Trust)

  •  Sara Tiller  (CCG's director of development)

  • Dr William Denby (Emsworth Surgery)

  • Mr David Thomas (Emsworth Health Action)

  • Councillor Richard Kennett (Ward Councillor)

  •  Councillor Tim Pike (Deputy Leader of the Council and Cabinet Lead for Finance and Regeneration)

A full full report of the meeting can be found HERE but in summary the key points made at the meeting were:

  • The Hospital site was no longer for sale but would be retained by the NHS until its future as a possible location for the Emsworth Surgery could be determined

  • That the possible use of the site by the Emsworth Community Land Trust for community space with affordable apartments was a good fit to the Borough's Local Plan

  • The Emsworth Community Land Trust was explained and launched with  250 of the attendees joining the organisation at the close of the meeting.Emsworth United's First Public Meeting

  • There was overwhelming support from the community that the best use of the site would be fro a new Emsworth Surgery together with related health service facilities and other community uses.

  • The meeting supported the view that the hospital  site should remain as a community asset and never be sold to developers

An overview of the outcomes of the meeting published on the Emsworth United Facebook page can be read HERE

Become a member of the Emsworth Community Land Trust .:

Membership, through the purchase of £1 shares, will be offered to people (aged 16 and over) who live or work in Emsworth and share the aims of the Trust - go to the Membership Page

Emsworth United's First Public Meeting

All photos in this report John Tweddell