The Forum and the Residents Association – moving forward with the Neighbourhood Plan

March 29th, 2022 Posted in News

Following the official adoption of the Emsworth Neighbourhood Plan last autumn, the Forum (which produced the Plan) and the ERA will now work together to implement some of the projects in the Plan.

At the meeting of the ERA on Thursday 14th April, 7 pm in the Community Centre, there will be an outline briefing on the potential projects.  Then at a meeting of the Forum on Friday 6th May, also 7 pm in the Community Centre they will be trying to get groups of people with shared interests together to develop the projects further.

Emsworth CLT welcomes the determination of the ERA and the Forum to co-operate in this work.  If any future project involves affordable housing or other assets to be held in perpetuity for the community, the ECLT would hope to play a key role.