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The Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital site was part of the inspiration for starting the Community Land Trust in 2018. Those actively involved in Emsworth Community Land Trust want to find a way of ensuring that there are community facilities and new homes that will contribute positively to the wellbeing of local people. Community Land Trusts, of which there are more than 200 in the UK, can identify suitable sites and work with partners and the community to build truly affordable accommodation that meets local demand. Trusts can also build community and health-related facilities for the locality. The Emsworth CLT is currently looking at several sites in or near the town. 

There are many successful examples throughout the UK where communities have taken the lead on new affordable housing and community and health facilities through a Community Land Trust, and there is every reason to suppose that Emsworth could see similar success



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Following the early February meeting on the possible closure of the library please ensure that you fill in a form about your views on the future of Emsworth Library  - the form is here. https://documents.hants.gov.uk/consultation/Libraries-Consultation-response-form-printable.pdf  A full hall of people at the Baptist Church assured the Hampshire representatives that local people value and use the library now.  Savings can be made without closure so that young and old alike can continue to use Emsworth's library. Let's help find an affordable location in our town.


Great news has officially emerged that the Emsworth Victoria Cottage Hospital will be converted into the new surgery for Emsworth.  Work will start in January 2020. The people of Emsworth who attended the public meeting in August 2018 to object to the sale of the old hospital building will be pleased that public influence has changed the NHS policy on this building. The Doctors have the prospect of a major move but the huge new premises, once they are converted, should provide exceptional new facilities.

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