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Emsworth Community Land Trust was formed for the benefit of the community to operate as a not-for-profit community-based organisation that can develop housing and other assets at affordable levels for long-term benefit. We aim to work with other local organisations together on shared initiatives.

Our objects are to carry on for the benefit of Emsworth the:

* business of providing affordable housing

* promotion of regeneration in areas of social or economic deprivation

* provision of land or buildings for use as workspace

* provision or maintenance of a community facilities

* provision of such other community resources and activities that benefit the area.

Havant Borough Council has enabled this initiative to move forward by providing funding allied to a grant from the Community Land Trust Network.

We hope to acquire land in the future so that affordable housing and other initiatives can be progressed for the benefit of the community.



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Emsworth Library Results - News

Good news that our Library is not now likely to be closed by Hampshire County Council, but may have to move elsewhere in the town.  The decision of the Emsworth Community Association to offer space for the library at the community centre in North Street, plays a significant part in securing the future of our library.  A final decision is due to be made by HCC’s Councillor Woodward at the end of July.


Facilities planned by New Brighton Road

ECLT is working with the YMCA on facilities planned for young people at the site north of Emsworth HERE


Emsworth Housing Needs
Survey 2019

The Report can be found in the documentation section . HERE


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