Frequently asked questions

Who runs the Emsworth CLT?

The volunteer founders of Emsworth CLT are the first six Directors. Our committee members and Directors are listed here

Where does the initial finance come from?

Emsworth CLT started with no money. Start-up grants applied for were received from the Emsworth Residents Association and from the Community Land Trust Network. After a successful application Emsworth CLT has also received a significant grant from the Government’s Community Housing Fund administered by Havant Borough Council.

How does the Emsworth CLT finance a site for building affordable homes?

Once there is a site of interest for Emsworth CLT the Directors could consider selecting a partnership organisation. Emsworth CLT could possibly become a Registered Provider itself as other CLTs have done. All CLTs will always aim to retain the freehold of sites. Many Community Land Trusts across the country work in this way.

If a Housing Association, in partnership with the Emsworth CLT, builds affordable homes at any time, would those homes be protected from right to buy?

Yes. They would ideally be designated to be for the benefit of the community in perpetuity.