We aim to help Emsworth shops and businesses to thrive and contribute to the sense of place in Emsworth, for the benefit of residents and visitors.



Emsworth CLT believes that Emsworth has a strong sense of place which encourages individuality and attracts people to live, work, shop and socialise locally. Emsworth can be a place that welcomes visitors, introduces them to the natural environment and experiences unique to Emsworth, and encourages them to spend and return.


The Emsworth Business Association (EBA), started this process based on evidence from a review of 50+ shops and businesses conducted by Emsworth CLT in 2019.  Three long-term aims for the EBA resulted, namely to develop plans that:

  • Give confidence to shops and businesses that collective effort carries weight and credibility with the right leadership and coordination to get things done
  • Create a different and open environment to help people look imaginatively at working practices and support them in making changes
  • Build a diverse business community that is unique to Emsworth

Emsworth CLT’s contribution is to support the EBA to fulfil these aims.

  • A programme of awareness raising events
  • A ‘toolkit’ of support (under development)
  • Liaising with Havant Borough Council over planning and commercial matters

Signposting shops and businesses to specific areas of support in areas of expertise such as PR, Marketing and Communications; Make-over, look and feel; Business advice and income generation; and Events organisation.

Dramatic Change – Covid-19

However, from March 2020, the onset of Covid-19 virus and the effect this has had on life in the UK has had an unexpected and hugely damaging impact on shops and businesses.

As lockdown eases we are entering unchartered waters as to how best shops and businesses can operate.  Evidence gained from shops that are able to deliver and provide goods and services face to face, should form the basis of future operations.

High Street

Discovering new ways of working

Emsworth’s reaction to the Covid-19 crisis has demonstrated that maximising local skills improves local circumstances and this should continue.  A broad-brush approach is not nearly as effective as fostering a greater sense of community sparked by local incentives.

The immediate challenge is to support Emsworth’s shops and businesses as they emerge from this unprecedented situation.

There has never been a greater need to innovate and act creatively.  In response, Emsworth CLT’s expanded role now encompasses three distinct areas, namely:

  • To work alongside the EBA in finding ways to help shops and businesses to embrace new ways of working
  • To build on the emerging sense of place that has come about as a consequence of Covid-19 and
  • To nurture and build on the community spirit that has sustained Emsworth in these recent difficult times.

Our Focus