Our vision is that young people will have high quality spaces that enable them to thrive and be valued members of the community. Emsworth CLT plans to work closely with local Youth Groups, Churches and the YMCA.   Specifically, Emsworth CLT has partnered with the YMCA to consider the development of an Early Years, Youth and Community facility at Redlands Grange in the north of the town.

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Taking on the Challenge

There has been discussion about improving facilities for residents in the northern part of Emsworth, given the increasing population.  It is recognised that there are insufficient opportunities for young people, especially outside of organised groups, and a shortage of childcare places.

A plot of land at the open area on the south side of Redlands Grange has become available. It was initially designated as a community space, particularly for a GP surgery, when the housing was developed.  The GP surgery has now been relocated elsewhere in the town and a new community purpose is now required for this space.  Emsworth CLT has partnered with the YMCA to consider the development of an Early Years, Youth and Community facility to meet these needs.

First Steps

Emsworth CLT has been successful in securing funding from Havant Borough Council for the YMCA to conduct a Feasibility Study to explore the project in more detail.  The feasibility will look at:

  • Consultation with local people
  • Possible building designs
  • Funding options for both capital and revenue costs.

A project steering group has been set up to advise and steer the project.  Membership is as follows:

The Group meets regularly and reports to the Emsworth CLT Board that is responsible for delivery of the feasibility study to Havant Borough Council. In particular Emsworth CLT is responsible for supporting consultation with local residents and young people through a range of methods including fun days, meetings, Facebook etc to ensure maximum potential engagement.  It is hoped that local people will contribute their views and opinions widely during this consultation phase, both through social media channels and in person, once circumstances allow.

The Future

The current thinking is that the centre would be run by YMCA Fairthorne Group.  YMCA has a number of similar facilities across Hampshire & IOW and would bring their expertise to Emsworth.

Part of the feasibility work is to explore the funding options as it is also essential that the Centre has a long-term sustainable funding stream so that it can continue to operate regardless of external changes.   Should the Centre proceed, the YMCA will continue to work with Emsworth CLT and local residents to develop and run relevant programmes and activities.

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