Covid jabs in Emsworth

January 20th, 2021 Posted in News

A large team of NHS staff and at least 30 volunteers helped more than 600 people a day, aged 70+, to receive their first jab in Emsworth. The spacious Baptist Church is the venue.   More than 5,000 local people had received jabs by mid-January.

The Oxford vaccine has just arrived so delivery of jabs will now go up to 1,200 a day receiving injections. The centre is currently open for three days a week. Once supplies of vaccine are regular, there will be an on-going delivery of the programme to those who are contacted (by email or phone) by their surgery to alert them to their appointment.

Attending for an injection is well managed.  On arrival, after giving in name etc, patients are indoors and called to the main door to enter the spacious hall.  Inside the hall there are at least 6 stations manned by those with the vials of vaccine.  They check identity and explain what will happen and administer the jab. Each recipient receives a small card with a record of the type of jab given with the date and batch number.

Any chairs used are cleaned immediately after use and all staff volunteers are wearing badges, masks and yellow jackets.

Thanks and congratulations to all those who have swung into action to deliver this efficient programme so effectively.  It is much appreciated that Emsworth’s programme is one of the leaders of this nationwide delivery of injections.